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My story so far

Teen eco-terrorist Jorden Lund isn't the chosen one.

He's the guy who volunteered. 
Just his luck, when he finally meets the perfect girl he's on a suicide mission to save the planet. 
She doesn't remember Earth. 
He's dying to save it. 

The Goodbye Kids

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October 6, 2019

I hate taking the bus, but I'm too tired to walk. 

I climb up the steps into the dead quiet, no pun intended. 

I don't want to look up, but I force myself to look because I'm too tired to stand. I need an empty seat. 

Every seat

is occupied by the dead. 

Every seat but one...

September 20, 2019

The day teen eco-terrorist

Jorden Lund left Earth he had 4 months left to live

His suicide mission: Build a bomb, destroy a space ship and save the world

But falling in love wasn't part of the plan and completing his mission means sacrificing the girl he loves



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